Video Transfers

We transfer your old videotapes to DVD or digital formats for editing or the Internet.

Your precious media NEVER leaves our studio. 


Our prices are competitive with other companies, local or nationwide. Please Download our Pricing Brochure

Your memories are precious: weddings, baby’s first steps, school plays, sports competitions, musical performances, family vacations, birthdays, anniversaries or loved ones now gone.
These memories live on a variety of videotapes all over your home, gathering dust and deteriorating more each day. Plus— you have no way to view these captured moments. You no longer have a VCR or the camera they were shot with. Stacks of memories.  .  . unwatchable, unshareable.

We can save these moments in your life.

  • VHS tapes
  • VHS-C tapes
  • Hi-8  or 8mm tapes
  • Mini DV tapes, HD Mini DV
  • Sony Betamax, Beta SP, DV Cam, Betacam
  • Videos from phones

We don’t charge extra for a personalized label printed on your DVD or the jewelcase we put it in.

We can also duplicate your discs–as many as you need with quantity discounts, custom labeling, and presentation boxes.

If you choose a digital format, we will deliver it on the hard drive or flash drive you provide, or we can provide one for you.

We can also upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc.  We’ll even build your YouTube Channel.

If you need more information or have special requests, call us at 214-349-2349.